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TFA short comic by animalgangrocks
TFA short comic
Kylo Ren: Phasma! this is crazy what will it even prove?
Phasma: that maybe someone on this ship cares if I live or die!
Dusk: Music I wouldn't count on itMusic 
Kylo : AH!
Phasma: ugh!
Kylo you are starting to get on my LAST nerve.
Dusk: funny I didn't think you HAD more than one nerve.

this is just a very short comic of Dusk and phasma annoying each other and Kylo getting in the middle this is also a reference to A very potter sequel so yeah
saving Lily hp au by animalgangrocks
saving Lily hp au
Snape: *running as fast as he can while holding Lily in his arms, finally arrives at Hagrids hut and knock knock knock*
Hagrid:*opens the door surprised* 'ello professor what brings you by *notices Lily* what happened?
Snape: that dunderhead Lockhart's dueling club happened. Draco conjured a snake and it bit Lily. can you help? please I can't lose her
Hagrid: o'course but hopefully draco didn't have enough sense to put venom in the thing *he said as he took lily* why don't you go have a seat and I'll do what I can.
Snape: alright and now that I think about it Draco always forgets the venom of the snake even in cobras *so he takes a seat next to fang, who is drooling next to him and decides to lick Snape a few times*
after 30 minutes Hagrid had cleaned and bandaged Lily's wound and gave her a potion that he uses on Fang when he is injured
Hagrid: there you go she is all fixed up
Snape: *sighs in relief* thank you Hagrid now I can take her back and 
Hagrid: uh not exactly she still has some healing to do and I'm sorry but I think it be best if she stay with me and she will have Fang for company
Snape: so I can't take her back with me?
Hagrid: no but you can come visit her anytime you like and it will only be until her foot feels better so a few weeks maybe
Snape: alright I trust you Hagrid. well goodbye Lily I'll see you tomorrow after the classes
Lily: *feeling touched licked Snape's nose in affection*
Snape: *blushes and exits the hut and has a single tear run down his face for he knows how Filch feels now*
Lily: *goes to the window and watches Snape leave for she has been with him for so long even for her its hard being apart*
the first order trio by animalgangrocks
the first order trio
So I finally drew Kylo ren, general Hux and captain phasma because I just wanted to attempt their designs in my style before making comics with them and my OC Dusk. I also did them (Kylo and Phasma) without their helmets on because thats how I will primarily draw them, especially when I do the modern high school AU with them, because reasons. enjoy and I can't stress this enough DON'T STEAL MY ART OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH MY CLAWS yes I said claws thats how sharp my nails are.
Snape meets Bunnicula pg. 4 by animalgangrocks
Snape meets Bunnicula pg. 4
Dracula: *turned his head looking at Snape with his red eyes, he floated out of his coffin and touched his foot on to the ground and he screamed* AHHH PINS AND NEEDLES!!! 1,000 years will make you extremely Stiff let me tell you... who are you anyway? * he asked while stretching*
Snape:*simply looked at him not quite as scared but more confused because he thought that he was about to die and didn't expect COUNT DRACULA to act this way, with somewhat kindness*

I know this one is short as well but that is just how I did this. so enjoy we are getting closer to him meeting bunnicula you'll see just keep a look out
Fox!Lily by animalgangrocks
I finally got a good paint program on my computer and this was the first thing I did! I also think she might be posing for a picture done by one of the female staff members at Hogwarts because Snape had to go somewhere probably just went to lunch with Lucius Malfoy and there were no pets allowed and he couldn't bring Lily so he asked McGonagall to fox sit and the staff members took this opportunity to take adorable pictures of Lily. IDK tell me what you guys think is going on.


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